cyber security

Cyber security (often called information security) focuses on the protection of information. Coupled with physical security, information security protects the most important assets of your organization – your people, your property and your reputation.

As with any risk, the risk of compromised information security should be assessed and managed. At Intellegen, we follow protocols established by the Department of Homeland Security to identify and assess the risks your business faces and then implement solutions to mitigate those risks. Our background in military information security provides value to your business unlike most companies in our industry. Our expertise spans information security and physical security providing your organization with a holistic security assessment and risk mitigation plan as well as the tools to implement that plan.

In addition to assisting you in deploying a front-line technology defense against cyber security threats, Intellegen will provide sample polices to be adapted to your business and ongoing training to ensure your employees are aware of their role in mitigating cyber threat risk.

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